Debt free summer fun!

How to Have a Fabulous Summer Without Going Into Debt.  (You deserve it!)

Perhaps you have been using the Money-Minder for a little while and you’ve started to see all of the wonderful benefits that having clarity bring to your life. What do you do if you have done your annual plan, have clarity about how much money you have for a vacation, and realize that a week in Hawaii is out of the question this year?

It’s time to get creative!  Don’t be tempted to put a vacation on a credit card that you will pay for “later.” Instead, sit quietly for awhile and write down qualities you like in a vacation.

Is having time to read books and not worry about laundry important to you? How about taking a chair, blanket and picnic lunch to the park and read that novel that has been sitting on your bedside table for two months? (Leave your cell phone off). Do you like the excitement and bustle of a city? Make a day trip to a nearby city, have lunch, then peruse a bookstore.  Does being around water make you happy? Put on sunscreen, grab a towel and head to the local pool or beach. Don’t forget to be present while you are enjoying your “stay-cation,” and realize that having a new way of managing your money will bring real peace of mind, (and quite possibly a debt-free vacation next year!)

The important thing is to look at what the real “need” is underneath the “want.” When you do that, you might realize that your real need is to take care of yourself without going into debt.  You deserve it!

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