My Story

Like many of my clients, I had to experience some tough financial lessons before I came to the place where I am today.


At a young age I began what would be a long career in singing and entertaining – which included running my own business. Despite my success, I never seemed to have enough money. I lived in “terminal vagueness” not knowing where my money was going and not knowing how much I needed to earn to live the life I wanted.  Ironically, during this same time my mother, Karen McCall, was becoming a renowned financial recovery counselor helping hundreds of women and men just like myself.

In the mid-90’s, my husband and I adopted the tools that my mom had developed. This amazing process of tracking and planning sustained and supported us while my husband was in school and we had two children in diapers. I learned a lot about what it meant to be an under-earner and the psychology that underlined my spending habits. I began to get in touch with my real needs, which often had nothing to do with spending money. Having our “spending plan” each month took a lot of stress out of our lives. With my new understanding of my relationship with money, in addition to the practical tools we set in place, we were able to make it through three lean years and have a foundation for our future financial life.

Over a decade later, with three sons at home and my business winding down, I made a decision to work in helping others with their own sense of financial freedom.  My passion and focus lies in showing others how they can be free from the fear, worry and vagueness that had plagued me as a young woman. I took my mom’s training to become a Certified Financial Recovery SM Counselor and created inSync Financial Counseling. It brings me great pleasure to share my experience, strength and hope to help women and men get relief from financial stress and anxiety, and to be inSync with their values, goals and dreams.