The Process

Through financial counseling and the use of the MoneyMinderOnline® System, you will gain clarity around your finances which allows you to make conscious choices with your money.  This financial freedom can transform almost every area of your life as you discover the areas that you may be neglecting as a result of financial fear or stress.

process3My approach is to get you out of survival mode and into “choice” mode.  New choices emerge as you gain clarity and understanding of the emotions and beliefs that have affected your finances so deeply.  I offer a practical and compassionate model to make the changes you need in a supportive and confidential environment.  You will adopt new behaviors that allow you to make better, more satisfying decisions about your money that are in sync with your values, goals and dreams.

One of the tools you will learn during our sessions is the MoneyMinder® System. This online system of recording and planning your finances is integral to your financial recovery.  It allows you to put down in black and white your spending, savings, and debts, and to develop an action and spending plan for resolving money challenges.

We will meet regularly over the phone to set up your plan, help with forecasting, identify patterns and assist in keeping you on track with your personal and financial goals.