“Terri is so knowledgeable and talented at what she does. key_sky2She is also kind, warm, compassionate and patient.  As I was starting my new business, she guided me in making good financial choices and helped me to reduce my debt without ever feeling deprived.  The practices I incorporated have given me the knowledge and clarity to create and sustain a successful business.”
Rosemary O’Connor, ROC Recovery Services, San Rafael, CA

“Terri’s warm presence and personal commitment to my financial success were a tremendous support as I learned new money management skills.”
– JC, San Francisco, CA

“I was pretty nervous when I first started working with Terri because I was afraid that once I saw my spending on paper, I wasn’t going to like what I saw and I would be put on a ‘money diet’. That ended up not being my experience at all. I felt immediately better after having a clear understanding of my financial reality.
In a very open-minded, non-judgmental way, Terri helped me to identify where I consciously wanted to spend my money based on what was important to me. And by reviewing where I was spending my money, we were able to identify areas of my life that needed attention. Coming to terms with how I view wealth and taking responsibility for my own financial situation has brought positive change and awareness to several areas of my life.”
– Kelsey Fernandez, San Anselmo, CA

I started tracking my spending on Money Minder and working with Terri deLangis January 2015. I had no idea how I was spending my money or how much debt I was carrying; I had difficulty sleeping because I had once again avoided looking at my checking account to see if I had overdraft charges.  Today I don’t create overdraft charges; I have reduced my debt; I live within my means and the investment of working with Terri has actually created more money and serenity in my life.  It has been nothing short of miraculous that just by showing up every two weeks and tracking my money I have a sense of peace and focus.  Terri gently supported me and allowed me my own pace while keeping me moving forward and on task until I could see my progress.
– Alicia Morgan, Novato, CA